Purdue Women's Bowling League



Awards will be given for the following:

First Place Team
Second Place Team
Third Place Team (if we have 9 or 10 teams)
High Individual Average (scratch scores)
    (Exceptions, see below)

High Individual Game (scratch)
    (Exceptions, see below)
High Individual Series (scratch)
    (Exceptions, see below)
Most Improved Bowler
Sportsmanship Award (voting by closed ballot)

Perfect Attendance (Exceptions, see below)
200 games bowled
500 series bowled
600 series bowled


1.      These awards will consist of either cash prizes and/or other tokens of recognition. The type of recognition given will be decided upon by the Banquet/Prize Committee. (200 games/500+600 series have traditionally been awarded charms or pins.)

2.      A team member must be a paid-up member (member in good standing) at the end of the league season and must have bowled 1/2 of the season (at least 15 weeks) to be eligible for individual prizes. If a new bowler will not have completed 1/2 of the season (at least 15 weeks), it is up to the remaining members of the team to decide how the prize money will be divided and to notify the new member before she starts bowling.

3.      For a team with more than three (3) regular members, the team captain will decide how the team's prize money will be divided and will let the secretary/treasurer know prior to the banquet. 

4.      No substitutes may qualify for any individual or team prizes. Substitutes will be eligible for 200/500/600 awards, which are paid for by the Union Rack and Roll, but may not be eligible for any other individual or team prizes.

5.      No individual may win more than one individual prize. This DOES NOT include winning 1st or 2nd place in the overall season team standings, most improved, or sportsmanship.  The order of the individual prizes is as follows:  (1) high individual average, (2) high individual game, and (3) high individual series.

6.      Any individual with perfect attendance will receive an award. No prebowled games will be eligible for perfect attendance, high game, or high series awards.



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Last revised:  02 Sep 2013